Peer Educator Training Program

In order to fuel positive and sustainable change in our society and the country at large, it is vital for the youth of India to become aware of the various undercurrents that prevail within the system, before systematically combating and eliminating the same. In order to achieve that, Uddeshya nurtures and develops Peer Educators, who are trained individuals with comprehensive, whole – round knowledge in specialized fields such as Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Sexual Abuse, Civic Rights and Duties, etc. Spreading of awareness is not a new thing - however, we at Uddeshya believe that the youth of this country, and people in general, tend to easily assimilate or express interest towards the information bestowed upon them by people of their age group or friends - also known as peers. This is a flagship premium activity organized by Uddeshya on a national scale.

Implemented across all chapters of Uddeshya, PETP has proven to be a powerful tool to inspire and change the perspectives of the youth. With an outreach of over 2000 people annually, this programme has been incredibly effective, in changing the lives of the people all over the country, as they gain new insights and enlightenment regarding the various issues that plague them.




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