An initiative targeted at empowering the youth actively by making them aware of the significant and vital importance the youth potentially possess in helping to bring about a positive change in a country like India, by providing them with the opportunity to nurture the skills that they require in order to become future change makers.

Composed of a number of challenging, prompting, and mindset-crafting events like:

1. Code Red: A real-time simulation of a major crisis on a national level in which an assembly of a set of individuals primarily focused on channeling their oratory, debating, analytical and problem-solving skills, sorting through the law, politics and public opinion put together their minds to mitigate a threat.

2. Envision: Focused on equipping the youth with the tools required to pursue entrepreneurship, the event provided them with an ideal platform to hone their minds accordingly.

3. iQuest: A quiz contest that tested the youth’s knowledge of political awareness and public administration, Indian heritage and general knowledge about our nation through an array of well thought out questions by reputed quiz masters.

4. Business Factory: In order to spark the inner entrepreneur, this event exposed the participants to various companies that provided them with problem statements which required solving. Through applying various approaches, the participants were able to solve the problems with innovative models which they marketed and sold to the companies.

5. Youth Command: This provided an ideal platform to participants to analyze and solve various issues that plague our society, through the use of comprehensive case studies and presentations.

6. Alter India: An event that allowed participants to change something about this country, Alter India was an event targeted to imagining alternatives to the current infrastructural and operational setup of the nation. All participants were given a chance to suggest all round improvements to problems that they think are a primary concern in society.

7. Target Vellore: Participants were given the opportunity to explore their surroundings, identify issues that can be improved, and suggest proper solutions to rectify these problems.

IMPACT was graced by a number of successful, well-distinguished keynote speakers, with hands-on experience who motivated and educated the youth on how to succeed in the present day scenario.

It does not simply demonstrate the tenacity of young adults but teaches them and motivates them to make a difference. It stands to justify the ideologies of Uddeshya and is the ideal epitome of Uddeshya’s slogan “Empowering Youth, Fuelling Change.”